The scene at conferences is a familiar one: after each speaker finishes their talk, a group of people gather at the stage to ask a question, share an idea or trade a business card.

All too often, this interaction is fleeting at best, as the crowd is large, the space is limited, and the time until the next speaker takes the stage is short.

A better way to build great interaction between your speakers and attendees is to create a "Speaker Library."  Here's how it works:

  1. After each speaker gives their presentation, they commit to spending 30-90 minutes in the "Library."  
  2. Attendees sign up to "check out" a speaker from the library for up to 5 minutes (measured with a pomodoro kitchen timer).  
  3. Once the timer rings, the next person from the sign-up list gets their turn until the speaker's time in the library is up.

You can have multiple speakers available for check-out at a time, giving many of your attendees a chance ask their questions one-on-one instead of delaying your next speaker's time on stage.