Since we can't always share the (often confidential) things we do with clients, we've committed to building and sharing publicly something every quarter that shows off the kind of work we do.

For our first project, we've combined our passion for St. Louis with our love for its signature beverage.  Once we knew we were focused on "beer from here," we brainstormed (beerstormed?) and sketched several things we'd most like to see: 


It was clear that there was plenty to cover.  We just didn't know where to start.

  • Our first ideas focused on local brewing history -- a “then and now” of St. Louis brews in an illustrated timeline.
  • Other ideas were more like self help, such as a chart to help choose the perfect local beer, paired with the appropriate glass (which we quickly realized nobody understood).
  • There was also the matter of brewing itself, which the process mappers in us couldn’t wait to jump into.
  • Finally there were the breweries themselves on an actual map.

Because our primary goal was to make something about St. Louis, we decided (over beers of course) that the map ought to be front and center, along with some general information about beer that we found useful.

After putting together an exhaustive list of breweries all over the region we decided to narrow in on St. Louis City. This meant we could cap the list at a manageable number and start designing. 

After several rounds of revisions, and even more rounds of beer, we had our map.

Thanks for looking and watch out for one of these in person at a watering hole near you!